Fusing flavours  creating authentic foods

Pimento Paella

Pimento Paella 

Our Paella are cooked in view of our customers in our open pop up stalls, our service extends to farmers markets and  event festivals  in and around the UK. Our Spanish influence comes from the island of Trinidad and Tobago.

Come experience our authentic mix of fusion across two countries  from Trinidad & Tobago to Spanish country of Spain,  fusing flavors together.

At Pimento Paella we taken pride in our food our customers experience is important to us.


Come along and try our:-

Authentic Jerk chicken Paella

Mixed Paella

Paprika Paella served with deep fried Sardines

Diced Pork & clams Paella 

Traditional Sea food Paella

Pimento Paella

Vegetarian Paella

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Fusing flavours  creating authentic foods

Pimento Paella

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Hire us for a Paella Party, celebrate with fresh food and amaze your guests with the delights and presentation of the paella being cooked in full view.

Quality food and quality service.



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Pimento  Paella (2020)

Pimento Artisan Food Festival